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A NeighborGram is a paper letter sent through the United States Postal Service.

You can select from either categories of messages describing property conditions that your neighbor should correct or behaviors that you would like them to stop.

For a small fee, you can communicate your concerns to your neighbor.

Delivery Status Notifications

Q: What do the delivery statuses in the emails mean?

AThere are 5 possible status emails that you may receive from NeighborGram about your Letter:

Status: Your letter is being processed at the sender's mail facility.

MeaningLetter In Transit - Your Letter's envelope is being stamped and should be mailed within 24 hours.

Status: Your letter is being processed at the destination facility.

MeaningIn Local Area - Your Letter has been received at the post office closest to the destination, but is not yet ready to be delivered. This frequently happens during periods of heavy mail volume.

Status: Your letter has been greenlit for delivery recipient's nearest postal facility, and should reach your Neighbor's mailbox within 1 or 2 days.

MeaningProcessed For Delivery - This is the last status update email that will be sent before your letter has been delivered.

Status: Your letter was re-routed due to recipient change of address, address errors, or USPS relabeling of barcode/ID tag area.

MeaningRe-routed - The recipient has requested a USPS forwarding of mail (temporary or permanent), and your Letter is being forwarded to that address.

Status: Your letter has been returned to sender

MeaningReturned to Sender - Your Letter could not be delivered, and is being returned to our business address.