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A NeighborGram is a paper letter sent through the United States Postal Service.

You can select from either categories of messages describing property conditions that your neighbor should correct or behaviors that you would like them to stop.

For a small fee, you can communicate your concerns to your neighbor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a NeighborGram?

AA NeighborGram is a letter sent to your Neighbor, politely asking them to stop annoying or bad behaviors.
Or, to do a task such as mowing their lawn, if that is the situation.

Q: Will my neighbor know who sent the Letter?

ANo. The sender's name is This is to maintain the privacy of the original sender.

Q: How are the letters mailed?

ANeighborGram letters are sent through the US Postal Service with First-Class postage.

Q: How much is a NeighborGram?

ANeighborGram letters are $1.39 plus applicable sales tax.

Q: What if I don't know the name of the person to whom I am sending the letter?

ALeave the Name field blank, and Resident will be used for the letter.

Q: Can I send a NeighborGram outside of the United States?

ANo. NeighborGram currently only sends letters to addresses within the United States.

Q: When will the NeighborGram be delivered to my neighbor?

AThe NeighborGram will typically arrive by US Mail in 3 to 7 days. A Postal Service holiday may add a day.

Q: Can I cancel the letter if I change my mind later?

ANo. Once the letter request is submitted, it will be mailed as soon as possible. Please be sure you want to send a letter!

Q: How will I know the letter has been delivered?

APlease include your email address during the letter request process to receive status notifications.

Q: Can I print the letter and send it myself?

ANo, but we may offer this service in the future.